Our Team


Welcome to La Noguera Medinaceli! A place where people meet, change and create

The Cooperative La Noguera Medinaceli finds its origins in the meeting of people with different backgrounds but the same ecological point of view, sharing a comprehensive rural development project in Medinaceli, central Spain.
We believe that too fast paces of life and consumption don’t help society to improve their human development, and also give rise to a considerable damage to the environment, endangering the welfare of present and future generations in different parts of the world.

Our vision of rural development integrates different dimensions (cultural, environmental, social and economic), understanding that each and all of them take part in the complex and interconnected reality we live in.
The centrality of the land is for us, above all, a return to sustainability, retrieving lost values related with crafts, and the wisdom of land work.

Education and communication are both central tools of our mission, directed to generate a sustainable alternative of development, where economy is at the service of people and not the opposite. We propose this landscape, so interconnected and yet so isolated, to be an open space to everyone, in order to seek together for alternatives and to find a balance with the environment.

What we do:


Sustainable Farming


We recovered a vegetable garden and started to grow it again. We learn form neighboors and seasons. We stand for good, clean and fair food.

Local Culture


We care abour education. We offer workshops, shool farm activities, guided walks, hospitality for studies or volunteering.

Rural Development


We believe in the power of networking. We collaborate with partners to create rural development projects and to shape their communication.