Welcome to our new volunteers!

Welcome to our new volunteers!

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There were one a French, a Latvian and an Italian getting bored in their own little rooms in their own little countries. They were looking for authenticity, changes… a new shocking experience! Somehow they got to know about this beautiful tiny village in the middle of the wide Spanish countryside, where an association was looking for volunteers. “To try is for free” and they really wanted to do it, so they applied and they were finally taken! They lived happy and enjoyed life until the end of their very long life… End of the story.

No, well, it is just the beginning!! Apart from this childish story we are Marion (France), Linda (Latvia) and Marco (Italy), the three new volunteers of La Noguera Medinaceli and we would like to tell you how it is going this adventure that we just started. First of all, our base camp is in Arbujuelo, the cats-colonized village (there are more than 18 and just 7 people!) where the association is cultivating two vegetable gardens. The association and the other locals welcomed us very warmly, letting us feeling part of the community.

After a couple of days of initiation we started our weekly routine. The gardens are the places where we spend most of our working time. We are having the chance to learn a lot about agroecology and gardening with traditional and new techniques, thanks to Lucia, Dario and Marion (same name, same country of origin, but not the same one that before). Another task we do everyday in turns is to take care of 14 chickens and 2 very crazy gooses. Actually they are just feeling the pressure of sharing the same house, we’ll build another one just for gooses in two weeks.

In these days we also became professional painters. We started with our living room that we painted in white & super-bright-orange. Then we have been busy for a couple of days with wooden planks, painting them with oil to make a roof for the “adobe house” that is going to be a storage for one of the gardens. Moreover we started to think about and prepare some of the non-routine activities for the summer, they are really many! So, the life is great in the small Arbujuelo and there is not time to get bored.

In few days we’re going to Toledo to take part in a so-called “On arrival training”, an occasion offered by the Youth national agency to meet the other European Volunteers arrived in the last month in Spain. We’re looking forward to it, even though we will have to leave “our” wonderful pueblo.

Hasta pronto!

Marion, Linda y Marco

Arbujuelo: inevitable step on a world tour

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For the first time in Arbujuelo’s history – but probably also in Japan’s history- a family from Tokyo spend 4 days and nights in our lovely village! They inaugured our new guest’s house, worked with us in the garden and made some amazing Japanese dishes…

Hiroshi, Tomoko and Misuki (their 3 years old energetic son) are realizing a world tour of agroecological projects, going from place to place to discover gardens, people and philosophies. Their idea is to develop their own rural project afterwards in Japan. We wish them good luck in this beautiful adventure!

If you are also tempted by spending some time in the country side, by giving a hand in the daily gardening work and by knowing better La Noguera and our activities, you are more than welcome. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

EVS: Open call for participants 2016

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EVS vacancy in Spain – Programme Countries
Name of the organization: La Noguera Medinaceli
Hosting EVS city: Medinaceli, Soria, Spain
Deadline of receiving appication: 01/05/2016
Start of the project: 01/06/2016
End of the project: 31/10/2016


Our project is based in Medinaceli, a small village in Soria, (central Spain) with a high rate of depopulation that has led to a population density of around 4 people per square kilometer. Specifically our work takes place in Arbujuelo a section of about 60 people in summer in the middle of nature and away from the madding crowd.
It is an iconic place from the historical point of view, with a natural set influenced by the hills and valleys of the Jalón river and its tributaries. It is also a big tourist center, as it has great access from the main roads (A2 and A15), that make it a meeting place with high potential.
In this context, our work focuses in involving young people (locals and people that comes on a frequent basis) in several activities aimed to provoke a reflection on the local development of the territory of Medinaceli and the future to come.
Our activities focus on education in the values of environmental and social sustainability through activities regarding responsible leisure and many others that encourage young people, as the main stakeholder in rural legacy, to get involved and participate in social life , having fun and appreciating local values associated to environmentally sustainable practices.
In the environment described , our organization takes part in a platform envolving many local associations, and together with them manage a public space provided by the Council for the implementation of educational and cultural activities.
The volunteer will give support to the activities lead by the organization and will have the chance to propose new ones.
During her/his stay, will help the organic farm and live in the local community as part of it. She/He will take part in the environmental awareness activities, and will join the alternative leisure, working specially with children and young people.
These are some examples of the tasks where the volunteer is expected to get involved:

  • Helping the reclaiming of disused land to transform it into organic gardens
  • Supporting agro-ecologic workshops and activities
  • Intergenerational activities and working in the local community
  • Environmental awareness activities and activities to preserve the local wisdom alive
  • Helping with organizing and executing bioconstruction workshops
  • Multicultural evenings: gastronomic, literary, film exchanges
  • Liguistic exchanges
  • Arts and creativity activities
  • Erasmus + projects support
  • Alternative and sustainable leisure


Contact details:
Asociación La Noguera Medinaceli
Plaza Mayor 16, 42240, Medinaceli, Soria