Arbujuelo: inevitable step on a world tour

Arbujuelo: inevitable step on a world tour

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For the first time in Arbujuelo’s history – but probably also in Japan’s history- a family from Tokyo spend 4 days and nights in our lovely village! They inaugured our new guest’s house, worked with us in the garden and made some amazing Japanese dishes…

Hiroshi, Tomoko and Misuki (their 3 years old energetic son) are realizing a world tour of agroecological projects, going from place to place to discover gardens, people and philosophies. Their idea is to develop their own rural project afterwards in Japan. We wish them good luck in this beautiful adventure!

If you are also tempted by spending some time in the country side, by giving a hand in the daily gardening work and by knowing better La Noguera and our activities, you are more than welcome. Don’t hesitate to contact us.