Family Workshops

La Noguera Medinaceli organizes public activities to rural outreach.

From the privileged environment around us, with immense natural and cultural potential, we offer guided tours, theme trails , craft workshops , traditional tastes and knowledge that will make you boost your curiosity about this uncharted territory.

Activities we offer:


  • Natural landscapes themed routes: Recognition of wildlife, Exploration of local geology and paleontology, Interpretive trails on foot or by bike.
  • Historical and anthropological tours: A walk through the history and local trade, Being shepherds for a day, The paths of the water, Travelling across the lost villages of Soria.
  • Agroecology workshops: All you want to know about how an organic garden works, From the land to your table, Cultivating health and life.
  • Workshops on astronomy: The sky in the city of heaven, Star recognition in different seasons.
  • Landscape Photography workshops: Photographic vision and composition.
  • Media literacy workshops: Learning to read and use the images for visual communications.

If you are interested in participating in any of our activities, contact us.

Come close to rural life, it will surely hook you!