Sustainable Farming


We believe that agriculture is much more than a way of producing food. It is a social experience that builds a complex relationship with nature, inspiring new lifestyles. Cultivating the land is a way of protecting soil from erosion, enabling the environment’s biodiversity -a way to guard the landscape-. It also helps to preserve cleanliness of air and water, to organize an eco-friendly tourism, to keep alive local wisdom and to discover new ways of sociability.

We have reclaimed a disused garden plot and we have restarted to cultivate it organically. We made these daily gestures the most important part of our project to transform the territory. Every single day we learn how to learn from local farmers and neighbors, as well as from the plants and the seasons.

We believe that vegetables and fruit grown with care and love, respecting the rhythms and natural processes, and paying attention to small things, taste much better and make us feel better too. We support local food – good, clean and fair- constructing synergies with local shops and focusing on short distribution channels.


In collaboration with the Territorio Vivo project, we organize vegetable garden and agroecology workshops to share knowdledge and build networks.

If you want to follow the adventures and see some pictures of our garden and activities, you can have a look at Huertujuelo section in our Blog (spanish).

If you want to get some advice about how to start an organic vegetable garden or project, or you would like to try our fresh vegetables, just contact us.